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Boat Removal Pricing

Our pricing is based on two primary cost factors: 1. The transportation costs from the boat’s location to our wrecking yard. 2. The size of your boat. The bigger your boat is, the higher our costs are to demolish it (labor) and then disposal and hazardous waste fees. This is why we base our pricing primarily on the length of your boat and for bulkier boats such as cabin cruisers, this can also increase the price. It’s not often that we charge a travel fee, but we do in cases where we have to drive 80 miles or more using the city of Corona as a starting point. Our minim for boat removal is $600.00 unless the vessel is a smaller personal watercraft.

In cases where the boat is very large and needs a boat moving company, those fees will be in addition to our dismantling fees.

Forms of payment

We accept all forms of payment but charge a 3% processing fee for credit cards and PayPal.